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Ex Joining technology

In production engineering, joining refers to several different production methods whereby two or more solid workpieces are connected, i.e., joined, with a geometrically defined shape. Examples of joining include press fitting and force fitting, welding, soldering or gluing.


Line connector (fitting) and line connecting components with push-in and barbed fitting connection. Typical shapes of push-in fittings and connectors include straight, L, T, X and Y. Also includes special accessories such as blanking plugs.

Proximity sensors

Festo's proximity sensors are sensors specially adapted and optimised for use with Festo drives. They detect the magnetic field of permanent magnets built into the piston of the cylinder, thus indirectly indicating the position of the piston rod.

Cartesian systems

Different variants of linear drives and slide drives, Single- and multi-axis systems, Linear, planar surface and 3D gantries, Electrical and pneumatic control

Control valves

Standard directional valves, Universal directional control, Application-specific directional control valves.